Samuel Boudet
96 rue Ratisbonne Apt 7
59000 Lille France
Nationality : French
Tel : +33 6 50 15 57 80
Biomedical signal Processing
Faculté Libre de Médecine de Lille (FLM)
Single, born the 28/05/1982
Clean driving license


    Lecturer at the Faculté Libre de Médecine de Lille (F.L.M.) from october 2008, I'm working on several projects concerning biomedical signal processing. I have an education on applied mathematics and data processing and I graduate from my PhD in 2008 in signal processing.

I mainly work on the following projects :
We have created the Unité de Traitement de Signaux Biomédicaux (U.T.S.B.) common to three organisms: F.L.M. (Faculté Libre de Médecine de Lille), HEI (Hautes Etudes d'Ingénieur) et le GHICL (Groupement Hospitalier de l'Institut Catholique de Lille). This unity regroups medical practitioner and researcher on signal processing.
Last updated: 3rd of March 2013
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